November 24, 2018

Tenant Advocacy

The Tenant Advocacy program allows Maryland tenants to receive free information about tenant rights and responsibilities, including:

  • Lead paint
  • Rent Escrow
  • Security Deposits
  • Denial of Essential Services (heat, water, stove, etc.)
  • Code Enforcement, including licenses and inspections
  • Nonpayment of Rent (Please note: We do not provide direct financial assistance.)
  • Eviction Notification and Procedure, Illegal Eviction Prevention

We also provide in-depth assistance with individual tenants, either through reaching an equitable agreement between the tenant and landlord, or through code enforcement, referrals to legal service providers, or referrals to other agencies or organizations that could be of assistance. If you are a tenant or a landlord, and have a housing question about the above topics, or need our help with a rental issue, please fill out this form.

If you need information for your tenant association, we conduct workshops and outreach events for tenants and landlords who are concerned about tenants’ rights and responsibilities. These events are free to neighborhood/community associations. Government agencies and businesses should contact us for tailored presentations and fee schedule.