Urgent: Tell your state delegates: YES to the Tenant Protection Act HB 744

The Housing/Real Property Subcommittee will vote TODAY on HB 744, Tenant Protection Act. The amended bill brings renter and landlord interests together on 3 new statewide protections for Marylanders, in an effort to balance the power dynamic between landlords and tenants:

  • Utility bill transparency: Have you ever wondered why the landlord billed you a certain amount for gas, water, etc.? HB 744 creates new transparency requirements for the “ratio billing” systems popular in many large rental properties. This bill gives you the right to know the average utility costs for a rental unit before you sign the lease and the right to request records that back-up the charges that show up on your bill.
  • Moving on from a dangerous situation: HB 744 revises existing law that allows victims of domestic violence or sexual assault to terminate their lease early without penalty. New reforms would add stalking as a basis for early lease termination and expand options for how renters document their need to leave.
  • Tenant meeting spaces: HB 744 also creates a right for tenants’ associations to utilize common-area spaces for meetings.

Tell the subcommittee today, YES on the Tenant Protection Act!

Chair Del. Marvin Holmes – District 23B – Prince George’s County

Del. Dalya Attar – District 41 – Baltimore City

Del. Barrie Ciliberti – District 4 – Frederick and Carroll Counties

Del. Anne Healey – District 22 – Prince George’s County

Del. Mary Lehman – District 21 – Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties

Del. Neil Parrott – District 2A – Washington County

Del. Jen Terrasa – District 13 – Howard County

Del. Melissa Wells – District 40 – Baltimore City

Del. William Wivell – District 2A – Washington County