October 21, 2020

Eviction Prevention Follow-Up

Thank you for being willing to answer additional questions regarding your current rental situation. This information will not be tied to you personally, but will be reported in the aggregate, in an effort to present data that could compel the state government (and local governments) to expand rental assistance for tenants in need. We also want to find out if you are in need of additional services beyond rental assistance — feel free to list any needed resources that pertain to housing, food, legal services, etc.

Eviction Prevention Followup Questions
Were you behind on your rent because of COVID? (After April 1, 2020) *
Did you apply for COVID-related county/city rental assistance? *
Were you approved for assistance? *
If you received rental assistance as a result of your application, did it pay for the total amount owed? *
Do you still owe rent now, as of October 2020? *
Since you contacted us, have you been evicted or received a court summons to appear in rent court for failure to pay rent? *
Race *
Your Gender *
Do you receive a housing subsidy? *
Do you have a disability? *