October 7, 2021

Fair Housing/Discrimination Complaint Intake Form

Please use this form to submit Fair Housing/Discrimination complaints. Some examples of what would be considered discrimination or a Fair Housing complaint:

  • A landlord refuses to rent to you, based on your race, or the fact that you have children, or the fact that you’re transgendered.
  • A landlord or realtor refuses to accept your Housing Choice Voucher. (Or uses an online or print ad that says “No Vouchers”.)
  • A landlord or Homeowners Association (HOA) refuses to allow your documented Emotional Support Animal (ESA), or tries to charge pet rent for a documented ESA.
  • A landlord or HOA refuses to allow a wheelchair ramp or other modification of the home, for a person with a disability.

For a list of all Federal, State, and Local protected classes, please go here. (Link opens a PDF).

For any complaints not related to Fair Housing, please fill out our landlord-tenant intake form instead.

Fair Housing Intake Form
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The Fair Housing Action Center of Maryland works to advance an agenda of Fair Housing and housing equity in Maryland through legislative advocacy and research. Examples include signing a petition or contacting your elected officials. Would you be interested in hearing about opportunities to participate in the advocacy process? *
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