June 23, 2019

Legal Guide and Leases

Many Maryland landlords relied on the “Guide to Local, State, and Federal Laws Governing Landlord-Tenant Relations” from Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. (BNI), the local supplements, and the multi-family and single-family leases. We hope to make these available once again, revised, and more user-friendly. Some changes have been made to the guide, most notably, the supplements will be included in the price of the guide, so there’s no need to purchase them separately. Also, the guide has been made shorter — not because we took information out, but because information has been consolidated to make it easier to use.

As of mid-October, the guide is with an attorney for review, and as soon as that review has been completed, we’ll be posting the guide on the website for sale.

Guide: $60
Single-Family Lease: $15
Multi-Family Lease: $20

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